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Ambition Hundred offers a series of assignment tests and sample papers in Science, English and Mathematics for classes III to X. These are designed as per the CCE guidelines provided by CBSE. These assignment tests and sample papers for Mathematics, Science and English have been created by experts based on the exam patterns. These are very helpful in practice according to school syllabus before the actual test.

Our assignment tests are based on three levels:-

Level I – This is easy level test. Students can easily solve after read and learn the chapter notes.

Level II – This is medium level test. After solving this level, students can score marks up to 70% - 85% in his examination.

Level III – This is difficult level test. After solving this level, students can score marks up to 85% - 100% in his examination.

These three levels of assignment promote the weak child into medium level, medium into topper level and topper in outstanding level.

Sample Paper and Assignment Test: CBSE Class - III

Sample Paper and Assignment Test: CBSE Class - III

Math Science English
Number 100 to 1000 Living Beings and Non - Living Things Noun - Proper Noun, Countable and Non Countable Noun
Addition Parts of Plant Article
Subtraction Eating Habits of Animal Adjective
Multiplication by 1 Digit and Two and Three Digit Numbers Birds Use of ‘Has / have’
Money Our Body Negative and Affirmative composition
Division Water Conjunction and Homophones
Time and Calendar Weather Conversion - Passive to Active Voice
Geometryr The Earth and The Moon Transitive and Intransitive Verbs
Pattern Sun and Stars Indefinite Tenses
Fractions Measurements
Data Handling Safety and First Aid
Comparing and Ordering Like Fraction Housing and Clothing
Units of Mass and Their Conversion Our Environment
Addition by Regrouping

Sample Paper and Assignment Test: CBSE Class - IV

Math Science English
Numeration Safety and First Aid Punctuation – ‘Comma’, ‘Colon’ and ‘Semicolon
Addition and Subtraction Adoption in Plants Subject Verb Agreement
Comparing and Ordering - Numbers Involving Six or More Digits Adoption in Animals Recognising Verb indicating Past, Present and Future
Multiplication and Division of Sums of Money Plants Our Green Friends Simple Present and Present Continuous
Multiples - Common Multiples and Least Common Multiples of Numbers Animal Increasing in Numbers Simple Past Tense and Past Continuous
Factors Our Universe Modals - Use modals to indicate Future Time
Geometry Clothes – A Necessity Collective Nouns
Quadrilaterals and Their Types Air, Water and Weather Abstract Nouns
Addition and Subtraction of Unlike Fractions Matter and Materials
Time and Calendar Teeth and Microbes
Perimeter and Area Force, Work and Energy
Measurement Our Environment
Arithmetic Operations on Metric Units Given in Decimal Form

Sample Paper and Assignment Test: CBSE Class - V

Math Science English
Large Numbers Safety First Simple Present Framing Questions
Operation on Large Numbers Animal Life Using of Correct Form of Verbs with Condition Clause
Roman Numerals Food and Health Present Perfect Tense and Past Perfect Tense
Factors and Multiples Plant Life Conjunctions - Co-ordinating Conjunctions
Fractions Bones and Muscles Adverb of Frequency
Multiplication Simple Machine Question Tags
Division of Fractions Our Nervous System Active and Passive Punctuation
Decimals Wonders of Air Error Correction Preposition
Data Handling Light and Shadow Recapitulation of concepts
Profit and Loss Soil
Basics of Geometry Natural Calamities
Geometrical Shapes Our Environment
Perimeter and Area
Time and Temperature

Sample Paper and Assignment Test: CBSE Class - VI

Math Science English
Knowing Ours Numbers Food – Where does it come from Kinds of Sentences
Whole Numbers Components of Food Subject Predicate
Symmetry Fibre to Fabrics Phrasal Verbs
Basic Geometrical Ideas Water Punctuation
Integer Air Homograph, Homonyms and Homophones
Data Handling Garbage In and Garbage Out Kinds of Noun – Countable & Uncountable Nouns
Fractions Motion and Measurement of Distances Determiners
Decimals Electricity and Circuits Prefixes
Understanding Elementary Shapes Changes around Us Adjective - Degree of Comparison
Mensuration Separation of Substances Position of Adjectives
Ratio and Proportion Light Shadow and Reflection Present Tense
Practical Geometry Sorting Material into Groups Past Tense
Living Organisms and Their Surrounding Suffixes
Getting to Know Plants Adverbs
Body Movements Degree of Adverbs
Fun with Magnets Prepositions

Sample Paper and Assignment Test: CBSE Class - VII

Math Science English
Integers Nutrition in Plants Idioms and Idiomatic Phrases
Lines and Angles Nutrition in Animals Phrases and Clauses
Fractions and Decimals Electric Current and its Effect Affirmative, Negative Sentences
Data Handling Motion and Time Punctuation – Full Stop and Capitals
Simple Equations Transportation in Animals and Plants Subject and Predicate
Triangle and Its Properties Acid, Bases and Salt Prefixes and Suffixes
Practical Geometry Fibre to Fabric Subject Verb Agreement
Rational Numbers Reproduction in Plants Determiners
Congruence of Triangles Heat Adjective and Degrees of Comparison
Comparing Quantities Light Perfect Tenses
Algebraic Expression Respiration in Organism Use of ‘For’ and ‘Since’
Visualising Solid Shapes Respiration in Organism Homophones and Homonyms Pronouns
Perimeter and Area Physical and Chemical Changes Reported Speech
Exponents and Powers Adverbs
Symmetry Preposition

Sample Paper and Assignment Test: CBSE Class -VIII

Math Science English
Rational Numbers Synthetic Fibers and Plastics Prefixes and Suffixes
Squares and Square Roots Material – Metal and Non Metal Idiomatic Expressions
Understanding Quadrilaterals Coal and Petroleum Simple, Compound and Complex Sentences
Cube and Cube Roots Combustion and Flame Modals
Algebraic Expressions and Identities Cells – Structures and Functions Tenses-Future
Exponents and Powers Reproduction in Animals Suffixes-Noun Suffixes
Data Handling Reaching the Age of Adolescence Non Finite Verbs
Linear Equations in One Variable Sound Reported Speech
Practical Geometry Force and Pressure Infinitives and Gerunds
Comparing Quantities Friction Active and Passive Voice
Visualising Solid Shapes Some Natural Phenomena Punctuation (Apostrophes)
Direction and Inverse Proportions Chemical Effect of Electric Current Conjunctions
Mensuration Light Phrasal Verbs
Factorisation Micro-organisms Re-ordering Phrases to complete sentences
Pollution of Air and Water Adverbs
Pollution of Air and Water Advertisements (Classified)
Prepositions, Prepositional
Phrasal Verbs

Sample Paper and Assignment Test: CBSE Class -IX

Math Science English
Polynomials PHYSICS Determiners
Number System Motion Newspaper Headlines
Coordinate Geometry Force and Law of Motion Clauses
Lines and Angles Gravitation Modals
Heron’s Formula Work and Energy Active and Passive Voice
Triangle Sound Newspaper Headline Expansion
Introduction to Euclid’s Geometry CHEMISTRY Prepositions
Circles Matter is Our Surrounding Connectors
Statistics Is Matter Around Us Pure Tenses
Linear Equation in Two Variables Atoms and Molecules
Probability Structure of Atom
Quadrilaterals BIOLOGY
Surface Area and Volumes Improvement in Food Resources
Areas of Parallelograms and Triangle The Fundamental Unit of Life
Diversity in Living Organism
Why Do We Fall Ill
Natural Resources

Sample Paper and Assignment Test: CBSE Class -X

Math Science English
Real Numbers PHYSICS Letter writing (Formal and Informal)
Polynomials Electricity E-Mail, Message Writing
Introduction to Trigonometry Magnetic Effect of Electric Current Dialogue Completion
Statistics Sources of Energy Determiners
Triangles Reflection and Refraction Determiners
Pair of Linear Equation in Two Variables Light - Reflection and Refraction Subject Verb Agreement
Probability Human Eye and Colourful World Errors & Omissions
Quadratic Equation CHEMISTRY Report Writing (Newspaper, Magazine and Formal Report)
Some Applications of Trigonometry Chemical Reactions and Equations Data Interpretation
Circles Acid, Bases and Salts Jumbled Phrases
Arithmetic Progression Metal and Non Metals Sentence Reordering
Constructions Carbon and Its Compound Tenses
Coordinate Geometry Periodic Classification of Elements Subject Verb Agreement
Area Relates to Circles BIOLOGY Reported Speech, Cloze Filling
Surface Area and Volumes Life Processes Prepositions
Control and Coordination
Our Environment
How to Organisms
Heredity and Evolution
Management of Natural Resources